“Insecure” creator and star Issa Rae has created something that resonates with fans and critics alike.

The critically acclaimed comedy-drama television series has a lot of awards buzz with multiple Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy nominations. Rae, plus co-stars Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji, detail the importance of stories like “Insecure” ahead of the show’s fifth season.

“I think about how being stopped by the police for every Black person doesn’t end in death,” Rae tells Entertainment Weekly for its digital cover story. “Every racist moment that a Black person experiences doesn’t elicit a day to process it and think about it and live in it.”

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Issa Rae, Jay Ellis, and Yvonne Orji
Issa Rae, Jay Ellis, and Yvonne Orji — Photo: EW

“‘This microaggression happened or this blatantly racist thing happened to me, but I still have to work. So how does that affect my mindset, or the decision that I make? How does it affect how I talk to my partner?’ That’s just living for us, and it’s not an after-school special moment.”

For Rae, “Insecure” is about being authentic.

“I think the shows where you get to watch people just being excite me,” says Rae. “We always say internally in the room, it’s [about] being Black on a Tuesday. Those are the stories we’re telling.

“I didn’t realize at the [beginning] how important a story like this was,” adds Ellis. “It’s like, we don’t want to watch normal life — but once you get into it, you realize that’s important because we need to normalize these things because we don’t see them enough.”

For Orji, squeezing every last moment out of the final season is paramount.

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Issa Rae, Jay Ellis, and Yvonne Orji
Jay Ellis, Issa Rae, and and Yvonne Orji — Photo: EW

“We wouldn’t be family if we didn’t clown on each other every once in a while,” Orji shares.

“But it is that moment where you see the chemistry and the magic, and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is ending. This is the last run.’ And I was having that moment of, we should have fun now because this is the last time we will be Issa, Molly, and Lawrence together.”

The fifth and final season of “Insecure” premieres Oct. 24 and concludes on Dec. 26.