Rebooting “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was a surprisingly fun experience.

Ahead of Halloween, the cast of the new Prime Video Canada horror series sat down with IMDb to talk about the experience of bringing scares to the screen.

“I think what the audience would be surprised to know about the making of a horror show is that, you kind of have to keep it light between takes otherwise you go a little crazy. So it’s a surprisingly fun set to be on,” says Brianne Tju.

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“I actually agree,” Sebastian Amoruso adds. “I think that to be able to access that fear factor I think people need to be, in some way, comfortable enough to be uncomfortable.

Madison Iseman says, “Probably one of the main things I was shocked to learn was how not scary things are on set. You’re like oh this is actually kind of funny, but in the edit it looks absolutely terrifying.”

“You kind of have to use your imagination,” Ashley Moore says. “You kinda have to make it up and scare yourself.

Ezekiel Goodman explains, “You have to get scared over and over and over and over and over again.”

The cast also share the movies that scared them the most when they were children.

“The movie that probably scared me the most as a kid was the original ‘Ring,’ the Japanese version. It is so good. It’s so classic,” Iseman says. “There are very few films that I find absolutely terrifying and that is one of them.

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Tju reveals, “The film that had the biggest impression on me would be ‘The Others’ with Nicole Kidman. Psychological thriller and horror are my favourite.”

For Goodman, scary movies were a family thing, sharing, “My dad is a big cinephile. He ordered this Italian movie called ‘Black Sunday’ and I was five years old and there was a very beautiful woman on the cover, so I insisted that he show me. The first five minutes are of a woman being executed for being a witch. I was five years old! I ran out of the room screaming. Childhood trauma for you.”

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Amoruso says, “This is kind of embarrassing and I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this so here we go, premiering on IMDb. So you guys remember ‘Spy Kids’? There’s this scene where Antonio Banderas turns into this clay man.”

“Oh my god you’re right, that was very scary as a child,” Tau says, to which Amoruso adds, “That was a deep fear of mine!”