Roz’s Five Minutes with Michelle Pfeiffer


For the two weeks leading up to the Dark Shadows junket, my friends were equally split on where to direct their jealously. Half wished they could spend five minutes with Michelle Pfeiffer; the other half would have killed to sit and nerd-out with Tim Burton. Both are equal and deserving boy crushes from a love affair that started over 20 years ago.


I don’t remember much about Batman Returns – the plot points are foggy, I can’t remember who the villains were or if this was the first or second time Michael Keaton played Batman. Two things I do remember… Michelle Pfeiffer’s insanely tight leather Catwoman costume and that Tim Burton was the man who put her in it! And for that, I thank him.


When you tell people you’re going to interview Michelle Pfeiffer, most ask the same three questions: “Is she really that hot in real life? Do you think she’s had work done? And what does she think of Anne Hathaway being cast as Catwoman?’


I’ll start at the end and work my way back.


I don’t often get to have “fanboy’ moments during interviews. Not only are they frowned upon by certain publicists, but they usually don’t make for good TV either. But walking into this weekend with both Tim Burton AND Michelle, the topic of Batman kept coming up.  How do the Christopher Nolan films stack up to the Tim Burton ones? Some prefer the Burton campiness, while others lean towards the realism and brute force of the Nolan trilogy. There were plenty of debates, among the invited journalists, as to who the best Batman was… but there’s never an argument when talking about Catwoman. There IS only one Catwoman! Michelle Pfeiffer. (We don’t count the Halle Berry version. Not many people do.)


So, when the moment was right (and when I say ‘right,’ I mean I was being told to wrap the interview so I just went for it) I asked what was on the minds of fanboy, Batman nerds everywhere!


Michelle said she can’t wait to see what Anne does with the character in The Dark Knight Rises – and she’s loved every Catwoman and every woman who’s played her (even Halle Berry. Which, again, we don’t count). She’s a huge fan of Anne’s and genuinely seemed gracious and willing to pass the torch to a new Catwoman for a new generation.


Oh, and yes, she’s as hot in real life. And no, I don’t think she’s had work done.

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