Ellen DeGeneres had a big surprise for Evan Bialosuknia, 17.

During Thursday’s show, Bialosuknia, who was just named Olympia High School’s first transgender Homecoming Queen, opened up on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” about her journey and her hopes that she can be a role model to other LGBTQ+ kids.

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“It’s good to be who I finally am and have so much support,” she told DeGeneres of coming out.

Bialosuknia gave advice to parents to “support” their children when they come out as transgender and told any other children that “it does get better.”

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She also joked if she could be a part of the Kardashian family and who better to answer that than Khloe Kardashian who surprised Bialosunknia.

“Done,” Kardashian exclaimed.

“You are so beautiful, I am so proud of you,” she praised before gifting Bialosuknia with a gift basket full of Kardashian/Jenner products.