Jason Sudeikis is getting to make his return to “Saturday Night Live” after being a cast member, but this time as host.

Teasing his upcoming gig, the sketch show shared three attempts at introducing the show with musical guest Brandi Carlile.

“It’s going to be spooky,” Chloe Fineman declared.

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“It’s going to be scary,” Alex Moffat continued, while Carlile added, “It’s gonna have some laughs.”

“And if we do things right, we just might learn a little something about ourselves along the way,” Sudeikis said, garnering awkward glances from the other three. “Or not.”

In another attempt, all the “Ted Lasso” puns were thrown out there.

“You get a chance to look at that sketch I sent you?” Moffat asked.

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“The one with the loaf of sourdough that coaches Manchester United?” Sudeikis responded, to which Moffat proudly declared, “Bread Lasso”.

Sudeikis and Carlile didn’t find it funny but they did like Fineman’s suggestion of “Shed Lasso”.

Catch Sudeikis and Carlile’s “SNL” episode on Oct. 23 on Global at 11:29 p.m. ET.