James Corden is setting the record straight to confirm that he is indeed responsible for Adele owning a framed piece of gum once chewed by Céline Dion.

On Thursday’s edition of “The Late Late Show”, Corden addressed Adele’s recent “73 Questions” video for Vogue, in which she admits the piece of gum is her “proudest possession.”

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In her video, Adele explains how Corden, a good friend, retrieved the gum from Dion while they were shooting a “Carpool Karaoke” segment. “He knew how much of a fan I was of her and he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper and he framed it for me,” she said.

On his show, Corden confessed, “That is a true story,” and explained how it all went down.

“The weekend before we had shot [‘Carpool Karaoke’], we went on a little weekend away to Mexico, my family, [Adele], her son and we spent a weekend together. And the following Friday I was shooting the ‘Carpool’ with Céline Dion and Adele just loves Céline Dion,” he recounted.

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Knowing that Adele was “starstruck,” he asked Dion to put the gum she was chewing into a piece of paper, which he carefully gave to his producer, “and I was like, ‘I need to keep this super safe!’ And she took it and looked at me like, ‘I think this is the day he’s lost his mind. And I said, ‘Please keep it safe,'” he continued.

“And then I gave it to [Adele] for her birthday,” he revealed. “She’s a difficult person to buy for. A candle doesn’t cut it!”