Jack and Kelly Osbourne are spending a spooky night together for a new Halloween-themed special.

In the upcoming Discovery+ special “Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror” the “Osbournes” siblings explore the HMS Queen Mary, which has long been rumoured to be haunted.

In order to determine whether these rumours are true, the ghost-busting duo board the vessel — which has been docked off the coast of Los Angeles and used as a tourist attraction for the past few years —  for “a terrifying three-day investigation.”

“The ocean liner has been closed to the public, but it is hardly empty,” reads the synopsis of the special. “Aggressive entities are tormenting the staff, and it gets worse by the day.”

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Speaking with TheWrap, the siblings recount some of the creepier experiences they shared, including one in which the lock on a door seemingly moves on its own.

“For me, the creepiest moment was when the lock started swinging on the door,” Jack recalled.

“It was just so crazy. I was like, wait, is this really happening? It was creepy,” he added. “It was an electric room, and so there’s no ventilation in there that could allow a draft or anything like that, because it has to be kind of a weatherproof kind of box. So, yeah, that was really surreal. And then just stuff like going into the room where there’s no power on and a light came on.”

Expect even more scares when “Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror” debuts on Sunday, Oct. 24.

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