Barbados has elected a new president.

Dame Sandra Mason, 72, was elected into office this week after winning two-thirds of vote during a joint session of the Caribbean nation’s House of Assembly and Senate, reports CNN.

Mason will replace Queen Elizabeth as the head of state in the nation’s process of becoming a republic.

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Prime Minister Mia Mottley called the election a “seminal moment” in Barbados’ history.

Mottley added, “We have just elected from among us a woman who is uniquely and passionately Barbadian, does not pretend to be anything else [and] reflects the values of who we are.”

The Queen is still head of state in more than a dozen other countries that were formerly under British rule, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica.

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Mason has worked as a schoolteacher, a magistrate, the ambassador to Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and Brazil before becoming the first female Court of Appeal judge of the Supreme Court of Barbados.

Mason will be sworn in on Nov. 30.