On Friday night’s edition of “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert presented another edition of “Rescue Dog Rescue,” the recurring segment in which celebrities tell “flattering lies” about rescue dogs in order to find them homes.

Nick Offerman of “Parks and Rec” fame was revealed to be the celebrity for a special “spooktacular” Halloween edition, showcasing some “extra-creepy costumed canines.”

Colbert introduced the first dog, Chumley, “a very obedient little vampire” in a Dracula outfit, with Offerman then showcasing Millie, “a canine-velociraptor hybrid” in a dinosaur costume. “We were so focused on whether we could turn Millie into a dinosaur that we didn’t stop to ask ourselves if we should,” Offerman added, lifting some dialogue from “Jurassic Park”.

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Next up was Toni, costumed as “Sesame Street” Muppet Elmo, with Colbert lying that the dog is not only costumed as Elmo, “but also owns the copyright to the name ‘Elmo.’ Adopt her and you’ll get paid every time Elmo says ‘Elmo’ — and Elmo says ‘Elmo’ a lot.”

Offerman then offered up Trixie, dressed as a chef, who delighted the audience by adorably licking Offerman’s face. “Trixie is a sustainable chef who specializes in sustainable vegan food,” Offerman lied. “Even more impressive: she doesn’t talk about it.”

Check out the rest of the adorable costumed canines in the video above.

“The Late Show” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on Global.

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