Back in the red suit and horns! Jason Sudeikis’ return to “Saturday Night Live” saw the former cast member reprise several of his beloved characters — including The Devil!

Joining Colin Jost and Michael Che on “Weekend Update,” Sudeikis’ Devil reflected on the past few years since he’d appeared on the fake news segment.

As he recapped the things he’s invented and wanted to take credit for — including bitcoin, vaping and ads on websites that take up half the screen — Jost asked if he was also responsible for creating QAnon — which was apparently too far.

“Hey. Those guys are crazy. A bunch of sad internet psychos thinking Satan-worshipping pedophiles exist. Excuse me. Don’t drag my good name into your fantasy,” the Devil yelled, adding, “You take that back or I will go back on my deal to let you marry Scarlett!”

Jost — who married Johansson in October 2020 before they welcomed their first child in August — shook his head emphatically, stressing, “That’s not accurate.”

“You baby-trapped her!” the Devil added, as Colin shook his head. “It’s true! I don’t know who screwed her more, you or Disney.”

Moving on from taking digs at Jost’s marriage, The Devil also said he “got the greatest lap dance of my life! That Lil Naz X, he can move!”

Sudeikis kicked the night off by reprising his role as a smiling, aviators-clad Joe Biden.

Later in the evening, he donned his iconic red track suit to perform the running man as the over-enthusiastic back-up dancer Vance on the fan favorite talk show sketch “What’s Up With That,” hosted by Diondre Cole (Kenan Thompson).

Sudeikis was joined by fellow alum and long-time co-star Fred Armisen, who reprised his role as the wild-haired, sax-playing Giuseppe.

Sudeikis recently spoke with ET’s Nischelle Turner, and reflected on his return to Studio 8H, sharing, “I don’t know if working there for 10 years is going to be a plus or a minus.”

Sudeikis began working at “SNL” as a sketch writer in 2003, before getting cast as a performer in 2005. He ended his run on the show in 2013. After all those years, Sudeikis says it’s not even the episode itself that he’s excited for the most, but rather the entire ride.

“I’m looking forward to even just the Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the writing and the read through, you know?” he said. “Because it feels like being shot out of a rocket ship and people are like, ‘It’s already done?’ So I’m going to savor the parts of the week that I enjoyed from working there.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs live, coast-to-coast, at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on Global.


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