There has been much written in recent years about the salary disparity between men and women in Hollywood, and Vicki Lawrence has come forward with her own personal story from her days with “The Carol Burnett Show”.

In an interview with Page Six, Lawrence, 72 recalls an awkward conversation she had with executive producer Joe Hamilton, who was also the husband of star Carol Burnett.

According to Lawrence, during the show’s fifth season she approached Hamilton about a raise.

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“I said, ‘I feel that I deserve to be making at least what Lyle [Waggoner] is making because I feel that I’m pulling that much weight on the show,” she recalled.

“Joe looked at me with an absolute straight face, didn’t miss a beat, and said, ‘Vicki, Lyle is a man with a family to support,’” she added.

At the time, Lawrence admitted she thought that was “a perfectly legitimate” response.

“When women think maybe things haven’t changed, I go, ‘Yeah things have changed. It’s slow, but they’re changing,’” she added.