Some opinions really can go too far for Elton John and Dua Lipa.

On Monday morning, the two singers appeared on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James and joined him for a segment of “Unpopular Opinions”.

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The show took calls from listeners, who offered up their unpopular opinions, including the first caller who revealed they do not like sushi.

Lipa could not comprehend the dislike of sushi, comparing the food to a burrito, which is also made of rice in a wrap.

“So what’s wrong with fish and rice,” she said.

The next caller shared that unlike many people, they actually love Mondays, calling it the best day of the week, which John actually agreed with.

“I don’t mind Mondays at all,” he said. “To me, I look forward to every day when I wake up.”

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Next up, a caller stated bluntly, “There is no such thing as nice feet.”

That prompted a conversation about pedicures, with John grossing everyone out by describing shaving calluses on the soles of feet.

The caller also brought up a bet that he had with his rugby buddies in which the loser would have to suck on someone’s toes, which got a hilarious reaction from John and Lipa.

“That’s nice,” John said, looking disgusted.