Kim Kardashian has yet another accolade to her name.

WSJ. Magazine is naming the SKIMS founder their Brand Innovator of 2021, with Kardashian being honoured at the publication’s Innovator Awards virtual presentation on November 1.

Kardashian, whose shapewear and lingerie company has been valued at over $1 billion just over two years after it was launched, is also unveiling the debut of their design collaboration Skims x Fendi on the cover of WSJ. Magazine’s November “Innovators” issue.

Kim Kardashian. Images by Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Kim Kardashian. Images by Annemarieke van Drimmelen

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The reality TV star is being honoured at the upcoming ceremony along with seven other cultural groundbreakers.

Kardashian tells the magazine of being a workaholic, “I know, I know, I am. I get a lot of my work ethic from my dad [late attorney Robert Kardashian Sr.].”

Kardashian, who manages studying to be a lawyer, being a mom, and many other ventures with her SKIMS company, adds of her hectic schedule, “My days are completely micromanaged to the minute.

“In order to get away from the kids, I will go into my office at my house and study. And then working on beauty and rebranding and SKIMS, constantly, I’m always in fittings and fabric meetings. My days are pretty full… I love to be home; I love my weekends at home.”

Kim Kardashian. Images by Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Kim Kardashian. Images by Annemarieke van Drimmelen

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She loves working though, insisting: “I don’t see me floating on a yacht. I think I’ll always feel good when I’m working.”

The mag also asks Kardashian about whether she’ll eventually take over Kris Jenner’s momager role when she retires.

“We’ve talked about it. I would assemble a team of people to take over,” she shares, insisting that she’s already involved in most deals with her mom and their attorney. “I hope it doesn’t happen for a really long time because I’m really busy.”

In the issue cover story, Fendi designer Kim Jones talks about partnering with Kardashian on the Skims line.

“All the designers I know who collaborate are very un-insecure…. When they see something they love, they work with the person, they don’t just take elements of it,” he says. “Collaboration is a really good way to work because it keeps you constantly inspired.”

Jones adds, “There’s nothing about my ego involved—I don’t care if my name isn’t on anything. I’m not working for me, I’m working for the brands. I don’t mind people knowing who I am and what I do from my work, but you don’t need it all the time, do you?”

Kardashian says of Jones, “I have a no-asshole policy in my life where I don’t have the energy for working and doing things with people I don’t want to be with, and this was the most easy, joyous, just fun. We vibed. If I had one word, I’d say seamless.”

She adds, “He’s one of the hardest-working people I’ve met, laser-focused on everything he does.”

Kardashian’s interview is featured in WSJ. Magazine’s November issue, out on newsstands Saturday, November 13.