Sheryl Crow gets candid about motherhood, adoption and more in a new interview for the “Making Space with Hoda Kotb” podcast.

Crow, who lives in Nashville with her adopted sons Levi, 11, and Wyatt, 14, insists the kids think, “You just don’t know Mom. You don’t get it” and that she’s “not a cool mom anymore,” but she couldn’t be happier to be their mother.

The country crooner says, “You don’t get the wrong kids. It just doesn’t happen that way. And my kids so clearly not only picked me but picked each other and man, what a cool honor. I tell my kids all the time, ‘I am so honoured to be your mom.'”

Crow, now 59, was 45 when she adopted her first son, and 48 when she welcomed her second.

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She shares, “I had the gift of getting a lot of things out of my system before I had my kids, or before I got my kids. So there wasn’t anything that I felt like I was missing.

“If I stayed home and something was going on I just didn’t feel like I was missing anything, that I wanted to be anywhere else, and that’s a gift.”

Crow admits her mother Bernice was the one who suggested she adopt and start a family after splitting from ex Lance Armstrong and undergoing breast cancer treatments in 2006.

She says her mom told her if she adopted, “You have a family around you who will stand at the alter with you at baptism and say, ‘We are his community, or her community.'”

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Crow tells Kotb, “The story I was telling myself limited what I thought I could have, until somebody stepped in and said, ‘Wait a minute, your story doesn’t have to look like your mom and dad’s story.’ Families look like all different things.”

She adds of having children, “I just never didn’t think I would have kids. But you know there’s one thing about a woman and the biological clock, we get blamed a lot for the demises of relationships. I remember my last relationship crumbling largely because that is what I wanted.”

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