This home cook just gave Gordon Ramsay a taste of his own medicine.

On Sunday, Ramsay shared a video on TikTok reacting to another user tearing apart a grilled cheese recipe he showed off back in August 2020, and showing him how to do it right.

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#duet with @dishedit ouch. I didn’t have a grill !!! #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks #grilledcheese

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As the user points out, the cheese in Ramsay’s original sandwich was not melted, the bread slices were too thick, and he went overboard on the kimchi topping.

“I was in Tasmania! They don’t have grills in Tasmania,” Ramsay responded in his reaction video.


Reply to @itz_kxng_dj_ I could be wrong but this looks an awful lot like a stove 🤨 @gordonramsayofficial care to explain? #sus #grilledcheese #ramsay

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When the user said that her recipe takes 10 minutes on each side, the celebrity chef exclaimed, “Ten minutes? Girl, I didn’t have 10 minutes for each side, that’s 20 minutes for grilled cheese!”

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At the end, though, Ramsay did have to admit that the TikToker’s final results were a great improvement.

“I’ll tell you what, that looks good,” he said.

When he originally posted the recipe, Ramsay had been in Tasmania filming his show “Uncharted”.