Reba McEntire kicked off the second season of her “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” podcast on Monday with a special guest.

McEntire was joined by boyfriend Rex Linn and discussed their relationship and how they came together during quarantine. The couple started dating in early 2020.

“It was a very special relationship, us getting to know each other without any physical aspect to it at all,” McEntire said. “We’d talk in the morning, we started ‘Coffee Camp’ while I was staying in Oklahoma… We haven’t missed a ‘Coffee Camp’ since March 16.”

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“I was in California, she was in Tennessee and sometimes my ‘Coffee Camp’ started at 3 a.m. but man, I have never missed one; I don’t wanna miss one,” added Linn, who would also send food “a lot of times” to McEntire.

McEntire said a few of her favourite things were lobster rolls and pecan pie.

“We were flabbergasted ’cause that was such a good pecan pie,” McEntire said. “I kept the box it came in and everything, your note. We were thrilled to death for the UPS or [FedEx] or any kind of delivery person driving up the hill. Marc would ask me that morning ‘Is Rex sending anything?'”

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The two also bonded over the losses of their mothers. McEntire’s mom died after a cancer battle in 2020 and Linn’s in the ’90s.

“We had just found out that [McEntire’s mother] had bladder cancer and you said, ‘You just feel free to call me any time you want to talk,’ and I just quit texting and we’ve been talking ever since,” said McEntire.

Linn recalled how McEntire reached out when his mom died.

“In 1998, my mom passed away and the day that we buried her we went back to Mom’s house… My sister walks up and says, ‘You got a phone call’ and I said, ‘Now, right now?’ And she said, ‘I think you probably want to take this,'” Linn said. “So I went back in my old bedroom that I grew up in, sat on the bed and it was Reba. And she said, ‘I understand what you’re going through today. I just wanted to talk to you.’ We talked for about 25 minutes and I never forgot it.

“It was amazing and it was uplifting. It was really special and little did I know 20 years later, 21 years later, I’d be doing the same thing with her… But I never forgot that. And that’s why I said to you, ‘If you ever want to talk, just give me a call.'”