Amanda Seyfried is giving rare insight into her private life and the delivery of her second child.

In 2020, Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski welcomed a baby boy but the delivery wasn’t smooth.

“I had something that went wrong with my second birth. The baby was okay but it was tricky and it was painful and it didn’t have to happen and it did, so it added an extra level of trauma,” she told People.

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The couple are also parents to Nina, 4. Balancing two kids and spinal issues has been a challenge.

“You just do. At that point, I’m very freshly out of the hospital, I had to feed him, my husband was with my daughter and I had people that could drive me back to the hospital,” she continued. As to her current health state, Seyfried added, “I’m okay. It was a very physical thing and it was a spinal thing, but I’m okay.”

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The “A Mouthful Of Air” actress was also worried about postpartum depression.

“I was terrified of suffering from postpartum depression. I ended up doing a lot of CBT therapy before I had my first kid and then I was really lucky, I didn’t suffer from any depression and I felt like I had won in some way,” she said. “It was hard, and it was so hard, the struggle, but it wasn’t anything I didn’t think I could handle. And with my second kid, that’s partly because I was on my medication and I never got off of it.”