Adam Levine was in for a surprise during a recent Maroon 5 concert.

Maroon 5 were performing at the “We Can Survive” concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 23 when a fan climbed on stage and grabbed him.

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She tried to wrap her arms around him as he sang “Sunday Morning” (as seen at the 3:36 mark in the video above).

Security quickly pulled her off. Levine then gave a bit of a shutter, knocked over his mic stand and continued to sing.

“Adam Levine was not having it,” a TikTok user who caught the moment captioned the clip.


Adam Levine was a whole mood yesterday💀 #Fyp #ForYou #Maroon5 #AdamLevine #Hollywood #HollywoodBowl

♬ Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

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“He forgets it’s people like her why he is what he is,” one person commented. But others came to his defence.

Another added, “A random person invaded his personal space during a pandemic… he acted the right way.”

Levine then addressed the whole thing on his Instagram Story.

He told fans: “So I just wanted to address the Hollywood Bowl incident thing, a fan coming up to me onstage.

“I have always been someone that loves, respects, worships our fans. Without our fans, we don’t have a job. I say that all the time, to our fans.

“To think that anyone would believe that I thought that they were — our fans were beneath us, or less than us, makes my stomach turn,” he continued. “That’s just not who I am. That’s not who I’ve ever been.

“So I just need you guys to know I was really startled, and sometimes when you’re startled, you have to shake it off and move on, because I’m doing my job up there,” Levine went on.

“And, you know, it’s what I pride myself on, so I need to let you guys know what my heart is, and my heart is that connection that exists between the band performing onstage and the fans.

“I hope that we can all understand that.”