Rebel Wilson opened up about her “Year of Health” and weight loss transformation on Australia’s “Sunrise” morning show Tuesday.

The “Pitch Perfect” star told hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch, “I lost about 35 kilos (77-pounds).”

She also said she feels a lot healthier, sharing: “I went to the doctor’s and got my yearly check-up last week, and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, all your labs and your blood work is the best it’s ever been and you know, it’s kind of remarkable.'”

Wilson added, “I’m proud of myself for doing it and also maintaining it this year… I’m proud of myself for improving my life for the better.”

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She also said she’d noticed she doesn’t suffer from jetlag as much as she used to and she feels better after a long day at work.

Wilson explained, “After a big, long day at work — we’d often shoot 16-hour days — my feet would get really sore and I’d have to kind of lie upside down and put my feet up on the couch at the end of a big day at work, and then now I don’t have that kind of thing happening.”

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The actress’ latest comments come after she said she understands why fans are obsessed with her losing so much weight.

“I grew up not really trading on my looks, I was the personality girl,” Wilson told “Stellar.” “But after going through my whole health transformation last year, I’ve been in touch with this ‘inner siren.’”

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