The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have campaigned for safer online communities and new data is showing why they are so passionate about internet toxicity.

Twitter analytics service Bot Sentinel has shown that the majority of 114,000 tweets about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are from a co-ordinated campaign of targeted harassment.

And 70 per cent of the hateful tweets come from just 83 accounts and would reach their 187,631 followers. Even more worrying, Bot Sentinel found those tweets have “a combined unique potential reach of 17,000,000 users.”

CEO of Bot Sentinel Christopher Bouzy revealed that some of the accounts send out 300 tweets a day.

“Our research found that a relatively small number of single-purpose anti-Meghan and Harry accounts created and disseminated most of the hateful content on Twitter,” the report adds.

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A Twitter spokesperson told Buzzfeed that they are  “actively investigating the information and accounts referenced in this report — we will take action on accounts that violate the Twitter rules.”

Twitter did previously suspend 40 per cent of the accounts but many have found ways around their rules by using “racist coded language” or by using “parody” in their profile.

Prince Harry and Meghan do not have any social media accounts currently but haven’t ruled out a return. Harry told Fast Company earlier this year that they will “revisit social media when it feels right for us — perhaps when we see more meaningful commitments to change or reform.”

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The couple have also partnered with the Center For Humane Technology to “continue to prioritize critical work around the state of our digital world” and the UCLA Center For Critical Internet Inquiry.