Kevin Smith is making some big claims against Harvey Weinstein.

In his new book, Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash, the writer/director, and executive producer of the 1998 Oscar-winning film “Good Will Hunting”, claimed Weinstein, head of Miramax at the time, pulled the flick from theatres early to mess with star Robin Williams’ deal.

According to Smith, if the film grossed over $100 million dollars at the box office, Williams would receive a greater percentage of the film’s gross, splitting that money with Miramax.

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But Weinstein and the production company pulled the film early, despite it doing well.

“I remember when ‘Good Will Hunting’ was leaving theatres and it felt weird because it was like, ‘Wait? There’s all this Oscar buzz, so why would you pull it if it was just making money?'” he wrote in the new book. “And they did it because keeping it in theatres meant that more of the money would go to Robin, whereas the moment it went to video the split wasn’t Robin-heavy.”

He continued, “It was hamstrung because [of] greed.”

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“Good Will Hunting” ended up earning $225 million worldwide and later earned nine Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, and two wins, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Williams.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Minnie Driver also starred in the movie.

Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash is on bookshelves now.