Alyssa Milano thinks a “Who’s the Boss?” reboot has a lot of “potential.”

On Wednesday, the actress is on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, and the host asks her about reports of a revival of the classic sitcom co-starring Tony Danza.

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“We are in development for a reboot, yes,” Milano confirms.

Talking about the original series, the star recalls, “There was a woman running a business, a man running the house, doing all the housekeeping. She was a single mother, had her own business, had a promiscuous grandma on the show….Tony was taking care of the household and the kids. So there was that role reversal, too. I am really excited for what we can do with this potential reboot. It’s really exciting. It’s, I think, going to be about that my husband leaves me, I have my own career, and he comes to take care of my kids.”

Milano appeared as a child actress on “Who’s the Boss?”, which aired from 1984 until 1992.

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During their conversation, Milano also talks about Britney Spears and how she sees the singer taking back her life amid her conservatorship battle.

“First of all when I’m looking at Britney Spears going through her reawakening right now… I think about that she’s doing what she would have done had she had control of her life at like 18 or 19,” she says. “It seems like she’s going through this, ‘Here I am.’ I kind of feel like, in the ‘90s, everything was hypersexualized, but also for me, those were the roles I was offered.”

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