Sometimes turning to television to find love is the best bet.

On Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes “Love on the Spectrum” star Michael Thomas to talk about his experience on the hit dating show about people with autism.

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“I wanted to be on ‘Love on the Spectrum’ because it was my best chance to help me find a partner,” Thomas said.

Asked what he’s looking for in a woman, the reality star says, “Basically a beautiful, loving woman with a warm heart, who comes from a good family and doesn’t commit any wrongdoings.”

Some of those wrongdoings would include, “Engaging with weapons, or drugs, or breaking the law, getting in trouble with the police.”

“I draw the line there, too,” DeGeneres adds.

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Thomas also explains to the host why he sees autism as a gift.

“People with autism, or Asperger’s, have more gifts than neurotypical people do, such as being highly intelligent, being able to do puzzles very well, being able to remember lines just like that, having photographic memories. Those are the kinds of gifts that I meant,” he says.

Asked if he would ever want to go on “The Bachelor”, Thomas says no, and jokes, “I’ve heard that the men are not really allowed to be themselves, and they’re also hairless and chiseled, which I am not.”