Meghan Patrick is being really cool about the release of her new music video.

Patrick and director Sean Hagwell premiered the official visuals for “Cool About It” on Wednesday. The heist-inspired music video is described as a cross between a 007 flick and “Ocean’s 11”.

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“If a James Bond movie and ‘Ocean’s 11’ had a baby to a country song, it would be the video for ‘Cool About It.’ I’m always striving to give my fans the unexpected, something more exciting than a glammed-up performance of the song. I also love finding ways to add more storyline to my songs and make it more of a mini movie than a music video,” Patrick said in a press release.

“My director Sean Hagwell did exactly that with this treatment and continues to level up every time we work together. This video is hands down the best we’ve ever made, and I can’t wait for the fans to see it! We may even have to do a sequel or prequel of this storyline for any subsequent singles off this record.”

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Patrick, 34, released “Cool About It” as the third single from her third studio album, Heart on My Glass. The album debuted June 25.