Michelle Young may be the world’s newest reality star thanks to “The Bachelorette”, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing her career as a teacher.

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While appearing on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast with former Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, Young spoke about how she’s balancing work life and Bachelor Nation.

“Lesson planning in the hair and makeup chair on your way to the premiere brunch — it’s this total double life I feel like I’m living right now,” she said.

“It’s busy, it’s hectic, I’m definitely tired but I will say that being back in the classroom has made me feel so much like myself,” Young shared.

“It’s nice because as you both know this world can get kind of overwhelming at times,” she continued. “It can get a lot and sometimes you just need to be able to put it down and I feel like being in the classroom, being with my students, when I’m there I’m truly Ms. Young.”

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Young reassured Kufrin and Adams that she’s managed to keep her work and love lives separate.

“I feel like this group this year, they truly know me as Ms. Young,” she said. “I mean coming into the classroom they knew that I was gone that first week of school because I was doing some filming, but as far as details about everything that’s pretty much all they know, which is nice.”

Young continued: “I definitely make sure to set that line between Ms. Young and Michelle and make sure that everything is focused around learning.”

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However, just like Bachelor Nation, her fifth graders are also wondering who she’ll hand out her final rose to.

“The biggest thing that they ask is like ‘Just tell us, just tell us, are you with somebody? Are you not with somebody? We won’t tell anybody!’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, okay,’ ” she recalled.

“I’ll even say ‘I’ll tell you at the end of December’ — when the finale is already premiered — and they’ll be like ‘Yes! She’s going to give us the inside scoop at the end of December!’ Little do they know that’s the last episode,” Young quipped.