Brandi Carlile has had a streak of Grammy wins in recent years, but a recent decision by the Recording Academy about her latest hit isn’t sitting well with the singer-songwriter.

On Tuesday, Carlile took to Instagram to protest the Academy moving her song “Right On Time” from the American Roots category to Pop — something she says does not reflect who she is as an artist.

“Americana/American Roots music is more than a genre to me,” she wrote in a statement she shared with her 659,000 Instagram followers. “It represents my community, my family, my friends and my beautiful island of misfits.”

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She admitted that while she’s “incredibly flattered to be considered ‘pop’ as a 40-year-old crooning lesbian mother, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit surprised and disappointed to learn the Recording Academy decided to move ‘Right On Time’ out of the American Roots genre and into the Pop category.”

She concluded by stating, “I just want folks to know this wasn’t my decision,” and “doesn’t change who I am or what my Americana community continues to mean to me.”