Amanda Seyfried dropped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday, and revealed she was not feeling her best when she learned she was nominated for her first Oscar.

As Seyfried explained, on the morning of the Oscar nominations earlier this year she was suffering from “a tough case of COVID” when she found out she’d been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Mank”.

As she recalled, she chose not to reveal her illness because “I didn’t want that to take over because clickbait and stuff like that.”

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Ironically, she added, she had received her vaccination shot just two days earlier.

During her appearance, Seyfried also discussed her new film “A Mouthful of Air”, in which she stars as a young mother struggling with postpartum depression.

According to Seyfried — who is a mother of two — the film “reflects really how we talk about mental health in general and also how we treat mothers in the healthcare system, which is we don’t.”

She added:  “As soon as you have a baby, you go home, and that’s it. There’s no fourth-trimester check-ins. There’s no, ‘Hey, are you feeling okay?’ If you’re a single mother, you’re made to feel like you have to do it alone, which is crazy. It used to be a tribe thing and, luckily for me, I do have that. My mom lives with us.”

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Ultimately, she’d hopeful that the film “generates that conversation. I hope people understand that there is a lot of help out there and that we need more of it.”