Dan Levy is used to being the centre of attention, but he joked it was his parents that stole the show with their incredible speech at his sister Sarah’s wedding recently.

Levy told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” of his sibling’s big day and having to say a few words, “I thought ‘okay, well, hopefully that will come quite easily.’ And I thought it did. My speech was in the middle of the night.”

He went on, “My sister and brother-in-law did their speeches at the beginning of the night and absolutely crushed. Like could not have done better. And then I thought, ‘well, should I have just led?’ Because I don’t know if this is going to be any good.”

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The “Schitt’s Creek” star continued, “So I gave my speech. Went fine. It was fine. And then my parents came on after me and sang a duet, a surprise duet, for my sister. And, suddenly, my speech was just absolute s**t,” adding his dad Eugene and mom Deborah Divine sang an Emmy Lou Harris duet called “Love and Happiness”.

“It was a complete surprise,” Levy gushed. “And it just brought the house down. My mom, who’s very, sort of, doesn’t like the spotlight, absolutely nailed it. It was so nice.”

Sarah Levy tied the knot with Graham Outerbridge in an intimate ceremony on October 16.

Levy went on to talk about a picture he had taken recently with Paul Rudd while the pair were out for dinner in London, U.K.

He laughed about the snap since going viral, with the conversation including “Paul Rudd looks so much younger than Dan Levy,” “they must be best friends,” and “Dan is in talks to be in ‘Ant-Man’.”

Levy insisted, “The answer is I wish I was best friends with him, not true. Not in ‘Ant-Man’ and he also looks much younger than me. It’s kind of a lose-lose, other than the fact you’re having dinner with Paul Rudd, which is a win-win.

“Look at his face! I look like a 98-year-old man beside him,” referencing Rudd’s famously youthful appearance.