Elizabeth Banks is an open book when it comes to talking to her kids about sex.

The actress chatted to Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s “The Late Show” about her sex ed podcast, “My Body, My Podcast”.

She insisted, “We have to get more men in the conversation,” and that it shouldn’t all be left to the women to explain things to their children.

Banks, who shares sons Felix, 10, and Magnus, 8, with husband Max Handelman, told Colbert: “Let me just say this right off the bat, you should not lie to your kids about it.

“If they ask, it means because they’re curious and age appropriate. You should tell them straight up what it is, if you say ‘stork,’ later on they’re going to ask, ‘What else does she lie to me about?’ They’re going to figure out it ain’t storks.”

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She admitted that while she’s been incredibly open with her sons, she was taken slightly off guard when they asked for more details.

“They knew they had a penis,” Banks shared, “and they knew I had a vagina and a vulva and uterus, and they knew that they were part of their dad and part of me, an egg and a sperm.

“So all of those things had been discussed when we were in the back of the car and the question came, ‘Yes, yes, mommy, but how does the sperm get to the egg?’ I realized, ‘Oh!’”

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Banks and Colbert also shared a sample of her Archer Roose wine, with the pair toasting to sexual health. See more in the clip below.

“The Late Show” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on Global.

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