Eva Longoria discusses her sizzling bikini pictures on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The 46-year-old talks to the host about her love of trampolining and how it’s great exercise, before DeGeneres shows viewers a couple of the star’s stunning bikini snaps.

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Longoria jokes the art to a perfect pic is lying down so your stomach is flat.

She laughs, “I was like, ‘Let me do it now, let me take those pictures now before this all goes to s**.'”

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The “Desperate Housewives” actress also speaks about how she’s already taught her three-year-old son Santiago how to cook.

Longoria insists she lets the youngster throw flour around the kitchen and really get into it. She also tricks him by making bran muffins instead of cupcakes and how she turns smoothies into popsicles.

The star then teaches DeGeneres and tWitch the art of sipping tequila, using her own brand Casa Del Sol.

See how they get on in the clip above.