Billy Joel’s shot at romance could have taken a grim turn.

Joel dropped by SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” ahead of his Nov. 5 residency gig at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The veteran music reflected on the past, particularly how he and his bandmates used to try and get with the daughters of mobsters back when he would put on private concerts for the Gambino crime family.

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“We’d been trying to make out with these girls who were the daughters of Goodfellas. We could’ve been killed,” Joel told Stern. “We had no idea who these people were. All we knew is they loved to have us and they gave us a lot of money.”

Joel, 72, was asked if he would consider selling his catalogue, which boasts more than a dozen studio albums and compilation albums, plus six live albums.

“I’ve never had an appraisal done. There have been offers for me to sell it, which I haven’t accepted,” he shared. “Right now, I still have control of how these songs are used… If I sell my catalogue I give that power up. I give my control up.”

“I think of my songs as my kids,” he continued. “I went through a pregnancy and a labour with these songs. I remember how hard I worked on them and I don’t necessarily want to give that permission away for how my kids are utilized.”

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Joel showed a little more enthusiasm when Stern suggested a $1 billion price tag could be feasible.

“I don’t know who would pay that, but if somebody came to me with a billion dollars, what am I going to do? Say no?” Joel laughed. “I’m from Levittown.”