Kris Jenner couldn’t be happier for the newly-engaged Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

Jenner chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Friday, telling the host: “They’re the cutest couple, they’re so in love. They let us know they’re so in love — constantly.”

DeGeneres asks, “How does it feel when they’re next to you making out and practically having sex? I mean, you’re cool but what does that feel like being next to it?”

“Well, you feel like they’re the only two people in the room,” Jenner, who dons a Cruella de Vil outfit for DeGeneres’ Halloween special, replies. “And we almost don’t what to do with ourselves. Like I’m looking for a closet to hide in, somewhere to go.”

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Jenner also talks about Kim Kardashian’s much-talked about Met Gala ensemble, which will no doubt be a popular Halloween outfit this year.

“The whole evening of the Met Ball, Kim couldn’t see and she couldn’t breathe,” Jenner says. “So my boyfriend Corey [Gamble] was walking around — we were all together and he was leading her to where we were supposed to go and helping with her ponytail. Suddenly he was somebody pulling her around and a hairstylist all at the same time.”

The momager goes on to talk about Kim’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live”, laughing: “My daughter, I love her so much, but she was on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and couldn’t put two steps together.

“So now she’s on another really major show and I was a bit nervous thinking, ‘please, let’s go back to dancing.'”

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She adds, “The things that she said, the jokes she told were so obviously silly to us as a family that it was just worth mentioning and making fun of. You know, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, obviously. We know how to be in on the joke and have a good time.”