Ryan Reynolds issued an when he let an F-bomb fly during a press conference for his Welsh soccer team, not realizing it was being livestreamed on British television.

Reynolds and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Rob McElhenney paid a visit to Wales to speak about their ownership in Wrexham AFC, the soccer club they purchased earlier this year, and spoke to the media about their plans for the club.

“We just want to set up the structure for the club to continue long after we’re dead,” McElhenney told reporters during the duo’s first-ever press conference.

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“Unless there’s a meteor,” Reynolds deadpanned, “in which case we’re all f**ked.”

Reynolds was quickly interrupted by one of the journalists in attendance. “This is actually being livestreamed on ITV Wales,” the journalist told Reynolds, referencing viewers when he added, “Apologies for the language there.”

Reynolds was taken by surprise. “No! I had no idea, I’m sorry,” he blurted out.

As ITV reports, the pair continued to take questions after Reynold’s accidental F-bomb, with the pair insisting their ownership of the team is no lark.

“You take a deeper dive into Wrexham, and you see how invested the community are in the club,” Reynolds explained. “This club can really grow, and I am just anxious to see it grow.”

“It was about how much I recognized and identified with the people in the stands,” added McElhenney. “What they see and feel in Wrexham is the same as what we do. We love telling the story of a working class club and a working-class town, because it’s a story people can identify with.”

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Asked about the future of the club, Reynolds said that Wrexham is “not a toy,” and that keeping the community front and centre is a crucial part of their vision.

“I don’t understand why we can’t get to the Premier League. We have the structure here. Why not dream big?” said Reynolds.

The press conference can be seen in its entirety below: