With “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” coming to an end, executive producer Andy Lassner headed into his last ever haunted house with the “one and only” Kim Kardashian.

After warning the reality star of what to expect, the two headed inside as he narrated the experience for haunted house first-timer Kardashian.

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“I need this at my house to scare the s**t out of my children,” Kardashian exclaimed.

Despite the screaming, Kardashian also laughed a lot. “I’m really into these,” she said about some of the decor.

As the two finally made it through the haunted house, Kardashian quickly got one last scare in as she turned to spook Lassner.

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Back in the studio, DeGeneres questioned if Lassner was glad he would never have to do that again.

“You can finally relax,” she said before making sure there was one last surprise.

Check out the video up top to see what it was.