Mitt Romney could start to take some lessons from Ted Lasso, according to John Oliver.

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”, the host tore into the U.S. senator from Utah over photos and video of his Halloween costume, inspired by the Apple TV+ hit.

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In one of the videos Romney posted, he taps a “believe” sign over an office door while wearing a sweater and moustache just like Jason Sudeikis’ character.

Another photo saw him reenacting parts of the show, gifting a box of biscuits to fellow senator Kyrsten Sinema, which Oliver said was “very ‘homeroom teachers dressed as the most popular kids in school.’”

At another point, Oliver referred to Romney speaking out against a proposal in a bill to tax billionaires’ wealth.

“It’s not a good idea to tell billionaires don’t come to America and don’t start your business here. You’re going to tax not when they sell something, but when they own it and the value goes up,” Romney had said. “What that means is these multi-billionaires are going to look and say, ‘I don’t want to invest in the stock market because as that goes up I’m going to get taxed so maybe I’m going to invest in a ranch or in paintings, or things that don’t build jobs and create a stronger economy.’”

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Oliver responded, “Not to sound too much like Mitt’s hero Ted Lasso, but Mitt must be made of wood and yapping on the owl because that man is cuckoo like a clock. Is he Dora the Explorer on an acid trip because he just can’t stop licking Boots.”