Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson are getting a look at the secrets on the dark side of the moon in the new trailer for “Moonfall”.

ET Canada has the exclusive look at Berry, Wilson, Donald Sutherland and “Game Of Thrones”‘ actor John Bradley in the upcoming sci-fi epic directed by Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”).

Faced with the Earth’s sixth extinction event, Berry stars as Jo Fowler, a former astronaut-turned-NASA executive who recruits astronaut Brian Harper (Wilson) and a conspiracy theorist (Bradley) for a last-chance mission to save the Earth from total destruction. But they soon learn the moon is harbouring a secret on its dark side.

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“In school, you were taught that Apollo 11 lost contact with the world for two minutes,” Sutherland’s character explains in the trailer. “Not true. They found something on that day, that they kept hidden for 50 years. And now, it’s too late to stop.”

It’s not an entirely new conspiracy theory made up for the movie. Known as the Hollow Moon theory, the fanciful science fiction posits the moon is either an unnatural light source or that it has a vast, secret interior. It’s a notion that Emmerich used to inspire his story, though he adds that he and co-writers Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen had a little fun making up their own theories for “Moonfall”.

“I immediately realized, oh, my God, this could very well be one of these conspiracies where you can have something really traumatic happen, meaning the moon is getting out of orbit and falling on Earth,” he tells Vanity Fair. “But at the same time, you learn that the moon is not what you think it is. It’s always a cool way to get into a movie.”

Michael Peña and Charlie Plummer co-star in the film, which opens in theatres on February 4.