Co-hosting “The View” is probably not in the cards for Katie Couric.

On Monday, the former “Today” show host sat down with Fox 5 NY’s Rosanna Scotto to talk about her new book, her career and more.

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When Scotto told Couric that there have been rumours she might be joining “The View”, Course responded, “Really?”

Asked if she would want to take the job if it was offered, she said, “No, I mean first of all, I really enjoy that show when I get a chance to watch it, because I appreciate that they have these long, pretty substantive conversations, and they’re thoughtful, and it’s hard to do that in television.”

Couric added, “Listen, if they would need help filling in occasionally, that would be fun.”

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During the interview, the two also talked about the series “The Morning Show”, which has taken inspiration from events on “Today”, including the accusations of sexual misconduct against Matt Lauer.

Asked if she watches the show, Couric said, “I am,” adding, “I actually like it. You know, I think it’s actually interesting.”

Not everything in the show is accurate to real life, though.

“I think the storylines are much more current,” Couric said, comparing it to her morning show experience. “The one thing that I think is missing from ‘The Morning Show’ is, it was so much fun. Of course, they’re in crisis all the time, but the spirit of working in a morning show, the relationship you have with the crew, and the people who are in the control room, it does feel like a family. And you know, I think they feel more like the Manson Family.”