Nobody did Halloween 2021 better than Steve Buscemi.

On Sunday, the “Boardwalk Empire” star was spotted out in full costume for trick or treating, dressed up as a meme of himself.

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In photos posted to Twitter, Buscemi was seen wearing a red cap and hoodie, along with a grey T-shirt reading “Music Band”, while carrying a skateboard.

As fans of “30 Rock”, and social media users in general quickly noticed, Buscemi’s costume was a reference to his own appearance on the Tina Fey comedy, which has gone on to become a common internet meme.

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In the classic “30 Rock” scene, Buscemi plays a former police officer, who describes a time when he went undercover as a teenager.

“How do you do, fellow kids?” he asks a group of high schoolers in a cutaway, wearing the outfit he recreated with his Halloween look.