Tracy Morgan paid a visit to “Today” on Tuesday, where he opened up about his long recovery after a vehicle he was traveling in was struck by a tractor-trailer back in 2014.

As Morgan recalled, his daughter Maven, now 8, inspired him to “fight” for his life while he was comatose following the accident.

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“She was 10 months old when I got hit by the truck,” he explained. “People don’t just come out of comas — I had to fight. I knew I had to be here for her. I wanted to see my daughter. I’ve always wanted a daughter. I have a female version of me, and I’m looking at her every day as she grows under my gaze. And I love her.”

More than seven years later, Morgan said he now feels “great,” admitting he’s “fortunate” to be as healthy as he is considering the severity of his injuries.

The father of four also opened up about how he hopes to be remembered by his children and, eventually, their children.

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“For my sons and my daughter, I just want to leave a legacy,” Morgan said. “When I’m long gone, I want them to go to my star in Hollywood and say, ‘That’s my grandpa’ … And they can build on top of that.”