Los Angeles FC part-owner Will Ferrell is challenging Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham FC to a match.

Ferrell was testing out his commentary skills during Tuesday’s L.A. FC match when the co-commentator asked him: “You did a movie with Ryan Reynolds coming out on Christmas, he’s now involved with Wrexham. [Jason] Sudeikis is involved with Ted Lasso. You feel like you started something here?”

The “Elf” star responded, “I think I am a catalyst in that regard and I think Ted’s team, Ryan’s team and L.A. FC should all should all try to play each other in some way. Like a three-team tournament.”

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Lasso’s team, AFC Richmond, might be fictional, but Wrexham are very much real and the official Twitter account claimed they were up for the challenge.

They posted:

Ferrell’s comments come after Reynolds apologized after accidentally letting an F-bomb fly during a press conference for the Welsh soccer team, which he purchased with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Rob McElhenney earlier this year.

The pair attended their first match since buying the club last month. The actors’ appearance at the game may have delighted fans but did not help the team escape defeat as Wrexham lost 3-2.