Will Smith fell in love with “Six Degrees of Separation” co-star Stockard Channing while being married to his first wife Sheree Zampino.

Smith, now 53, opens up about his feelings both during and after the filming of the 1993 comedy-drama with Channing.

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“Sheree and I were in the first few months of our marriage with a brand-new baby, and for Sheree, I can imagine that this experience was unsettling to say the least,” Smith writes in his new memoir, excerpted by People. “She’d married a guy named Will Smith and now she was living with a guy named Paul Poitier.

“And to make matters worse, during shooting I fell in love with Stockard Channing,” he continues. “After the film wrapped, Sheree and Trey and I moved back to L.A.. Our marriage was off to a rocky start. I found myself desperately yearning to see and speak to Stockard.”

Smith previously opened up about his infatuation with Channing in a Feb. 2015 interview with Esquire. Channing reacted to the revelation in a subsequent interview with Page Six.

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“Well, I’m very flattered,” Channing said at the time. “That’s a wonderful thing… I adored him from the first time I laid eyes on him because I thought he was genuinely sweet. I felt very protective of him because it was his first big job. It’s amazing for me to hear that he felt that way, I’m delighted.”

Smith’s memoir goes on sale Nov. 9.