The Force was not with Matt Smith when it came to landing a top-secret role in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

During a conversation with Josh Horowitz on his “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, the former star of “The Crown” addressed rumours he nearly joined the “Star Wars” franchise, with Horowitz asking if he’d shot any scenes for the movie.

“No, I didn’t,” Smith replied. “We were close to me being in it and then it never quite happened. I think the thing they were thinking of me for, eventually it became obsolete and they didn’t need it, and so, I never got to be in ‘Star Wars’, there we are.”

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Asked about fan predictions that he was tapped to play Emperor Palpatine’s son — making him Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) father — he said he “could not possibly say” whether that was true. He did, however, hint that the role was something of a game changer.

“But it was a pretty groovy thing, it was a really groovy part and concept. It was a big thing, it was a big story detail, a transformative ‘Star Wars’ story detail and it never got quite over the line,” he said.

“I mean, it was like a big… shift in the history of the franchise,” Smith added. “There was no costume [practice] and there were a couple of meetings to talk about it. Maybe I can come back, you never know.”

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