Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot put their art skills to the test on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The pair, who have been busy promoting their new movie “Red Notice” alongside Ryan Reynolds, play a game of “Is This Valuable Art?” in reference to Gadot’s character being the world’s most wanted art thief in the flick.

Johnson and Gadot were faced with a number of different pictures in the skit, with the actress correctly guessing that the first one was art despite it looking like a bunch of white scribbles on a black slate.

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The artwork actually sold for a whopping $70.5 million, meaning Gadot won, with her later saying she was owed 70 million plus points because of that.

The duo both got one wrong when they incorrectly guessed that a L’Oréal bottle was art. Gadot joked: “They really know what they’re doing!”

They also both failed to guess that a urinal (Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain) was art and sold for $1.76 million.

See more in the clip above.

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The chat was interrupted by “The Guillermo Show”, of which Reynolds was a guest.

Johnson and Gadot also spoke to the host about what they’ve stolen throughout their lives, what it was like shooting during a pandemic and how Johnson couldn’t fit in the Porsche they used on set.