Magic Johnson is getting candid about life with HIV.

In a new interview with “CBS Mornings” on Thursday, the basketball legend opened up about his diagnosis 30 years ago, and his enduring marriage to wife Cookie.

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“It’s still the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life,” he said of telling his wife he had HIV. “It was hard because I loved her so much and I hated to hurt her.”

With the state of the disease treatment at the time, Cookie said that she was most worried about what would happen to her husband: “It wasn’t how he got it that was important to me. It was, ‘You’re possibly going to die.’ And that trumped everything.”

She also revealed that while she stood by Magic through it all, she was initially against him holding his famous 1991 press conference announcing the diagnosis.

“At that time, people weren’t educated. So they thought you couldn’t touch people, you couldn’t hug people,” she said. “And I didn’t want people to treat us like we were lepers.”

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Despite his diagnosis and retirement from the NBA, he was voted onto the NBA All-Star team in 1992, and went on to play in the iconic U.S. Olympic “Dream Team”.

“It proved to be the right decision,” he said. “It helped people who were living with not just HIV and AIDS, but with any disease, that you can live on — live a productive life.”

Over the years, the treatment for HIV has become more effective and easier to manage, thanks to modern medications, with the virus now undetectable in his body.

“A cocktail, once a day,” he said. “It went from three times a day, now just once. And so everything is great.”