Paulina Porizkova was left heartbroken after her late husband Ric Ocasek didn’t fight for their marriage.

The supermodel, 56, stripped down to her lingerie, chats candidly about her life for StyleLikeU’s “Defying Ageism” video series.

Porizkova and Cars frontman Ocasek, who married in 1989, were in the process of getting divorced when he passed away in 2019.

She shares of their marriage, “We had been together for my entire life, since I was 19, and suddenly he seemed not to find me attractive anymore.

“I started feeling like I was a coffee table, something you put s**t on and bump into in the middle of the night but pay no more attention to than that.

“It made me feel worthless as a woman. I thought I was going to stay with this man for the rest of my life.”

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The star goes on, “I realized that I wanted my partner, my husband, to listen to me, so that he could see that I’m no longer just the hot model that he had married. There were other things about me that I thought were valuable — pretty much everything but my looks.

“I had thought I was boring for 30 years because my husband made me feel boring. Because whenever I would speak, he would just yawn and look around and completely dismiss me. I sort of went with that for a while until I could no longer take it.”

Porizkova, who shares sons Jonathan, 28, and Oliver, 23, with Ocasek, talks about the beginning of the end of their marriage and how she gave him an ultimatum but he didn’t seem too bothered by it.

She tells the camera, “I started changing the rules on what our marriage was supposed to be, and then he started changing his rules, too. ‘Oh, well, if you’re gonna be demanding and a b***h, then, well, I’m not gonna touch you.’

“I said, ‘You know, I’m really unhappy, and you don’t seem to want to work on anything, and so I think maybe we should be heading towards separation, maybe divorce.’

“He just looked at me really coldly and said, ‘Well, it seems like your mind’s made up, so whatever.’ And that was it. I really, really couldn’t believe it. That was all the fight he was going to put up for me.”

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An emotional Porizkova explains how she started crying and ran off.

“I loved my husband for 35 years. The last three of which we were separated. We were there for each other in those kinds of physical ways that we had become habituated to, it was just no longer marriage.”

Porizkova also mentions that she then started dating another man, without naming names, but he also broke up with her.

“The only two men I had been with in 37 years both thought that I was not worthy to stay for. That is something I still battle with,” she admits. “Am I worthy of love? It seems not.”

The man in question could be “Men in Black” writer Ed Solomon, whom Porizkova dated in May 2019, but it’s not known.

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