Halle Berry guests on the latest edition of “The Graham Norton Show”, where the Oscar winner discusses her upcoming Netflix movie, “Bruised”.

In the new drama, Berry plays a female mixed martial arts fighter who left the sport in disgrace, and reluctantly accepts a vicious underground fight that could offer a chance at career redemption; in the midst of this, the now-grown son that she gave up for adoption shows up at her doorstep.

Speaking with host Graham Norton virtually, Berry reveals that despite more than two years of MMA training, she was injured filming one of the film’s fight scenes, but wound up lying about the severity of her injuries so that production could continue.

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During the second day of filming a five-day fight sequence, Berry’s opponent “kicked me and broke two ribs,” revealed Berry, who also makes her directorial debut on the project.

Asked if her broken ribs halted filming, Berry admitted that “it threatened to, but I knew that if I told anyone, and told the insurer that I had broken two ribs, they would have shut me down, and I knew that I might never get back to this movie again.”

“I had put too much into it, I’d worked too hard, I’d come too far, I’d fought too hard, so the funny thing happens, because I’d been training to be a fighter for two-and-a-half years, I think the fighter side of my training took over,” she explained.

“As all fighters, if you’re in the ring and you get injured, stopping isn’t an option,” Berry continued. “You just keep going. You just have to keep going, so I made the decision to not tell anybody, keep going, and once we finished the fight, then I told everybody, ‘Oh s**t, I think I broke something, I have to go to the hospital.'”