Vancouver Canucks players will be sporting a special Diwali-themed jersey during their warmup for Diwali Night at Vancouver’s Diwali Night at Rogers Arena on Friday, and a Vancouver-born star is eager to score one of the special jerseys.

According to a video shared on the Canucks’ website, the team enlisted Vancouver artist Jag Nagra to create a special customized design for the team’s jerseys in celebration of the Festival of Lights.

The colourful and creative design adds an array of Diwali iconography to the Canucks logo, including such traditional elements as a clay lamp, mustard plant, lotus flower and fireworks.

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Vancouver native Seth Rogen caught wind of the special jerseys and took to Twitter in hopes of striking a deal, offering to trade one of his hand-made custom clay vases for a jersey.

Rogen’s offer was met with a response from the Canucks (responding with “let’s chat”) and Nagra herself, who expressed her excitement in a Twitter reply.

ET Canada reached out to Nagra about Seth Rogen’s offer. “This is easily the highlight of my career,” she said.

“The fact that he now knows I exist is mind boggling. He DM’d me last night after people on Twitter started tagging me on his tweet about the trade. I explained to him that the two jersey’s I’m receiving from the Canucks, I was hoping to pass down to my two young kids but that I would try to get a hold of one other one for him… and then an hour and half later, I changed my mind and told him I’d be happy to send him one of mine,” Nagra continued.

“This morning I got a DM from him saying not to worry and that he was getting one from the Canucks… and he asked for my address to send something. What that something will be… I don’t know, but honestly even if it’s a blank piece of paper sent from him, I’ll be thrilled!” she added. “He has always come across as such a genuine guy with such a love for Vancouver, and that’s coming across so strongly. I’m beyond thrilled this is happening and the story of this Canucks collaboration is just getting crazier by the hour. I’m so happy.”

More information about Nagra and her artwork can be found here.