Kanye West’s lengthy interview with Revolt TV’s  “Drink Champs” continues to reverberate, including his remarks about Drake and the implications he had an affair with West’s wife Kim Kardashian in his song “Greece”.

While Kardashian has denied that she ever hooked up with Drake, West is still upset about the insinuation, whether it happened or not.

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“But you acted like you did,” West said. “It’s like somebody throwing a marble and hiding their hand. All that’s disrespectful.”

West also alleged that Kardashian isn’t a fan of Drake’s music. “Kim be like, ‘I don’t listen to this [n-word] no more. This [n-word] actin’ like he f**ked.’”

In another part of the interview, West compares his rivalry with Drake to Mike Tyson’s infamous boxing match with Evander Holyfield, when Tyson bit a chunk of his opponent’s ear off.

“You know what? I bit his ear. I bit his ear,” West proclaimed.

The entire interview can be seen in the video above.