Lee Pace left his fans both thirsty and confused this week when he posted shirtless photos of himself on the set of his Apple TV+ series, “Foundation.”

Lee took the internet by storm on Friday with behind-the-scenes snaps he shared on his social media accounts showing him wearing, well, not much, while filming on location in the desert for “Foundation.” The pics were also published in an interview he did with Variety about the show. Among the photos was one of Lee devouring a pizza in the middle of the wilderness at the end of filming.

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“Will work for pizza,” Lee wrote. “Thanks @Variety for the chat on #foundation and Empire.”

But eagle-eyed fans noticed something slightly amiss: Pace didn’t have a belly button in any of the pics.

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“Lee babes where is your belly button,” one person tweeted. “I need to know… where is your bellybutton!?!!” another wrote.

“I came to the comments to see if anybody else noticed,” someone commented on Instagram, referring to Pace’s lack of belly button.

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@leeepfrog/Instagram — @leeepfrog/Instagram

But, as it turns out, there’s a fairly simple explanation for the phenomenon. “Empire is a clone so he was created and not born,” @AmberVonLott tweeted. Others were also quick to answer the questions of confused fans. “He’s playing a clone I don’t think they had an umbilical chord [sic],” another person wrote.

Clones don’t have belly buttons. So there you have it!