Could a collaboration between Taylor Swift and rock’s legendary Piano Man be far off?

Something to ponder after Billy Joel shared high praise for the “Cardigan” singer in a new interview with USA Today.

Promoting the resumption of his annual residency at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, Joel was asked to share his opinion of contemporary artists such as Adele.

“Adele is a phenomenal singer, kind of a [Barbra] Streisand throwback,” said Joel before singling out Swift.

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“Taylor is also a very talented girl and she’s productive and keeps coming up with great concepts and songs and she’s huge,” Joel declared.

“You have to give her high marks. She knows music and she knows how to write,” he added. “She’s like that generation’s Beatles.”

Joel also admitted he was honoured to have current chart-toppers such as Olivia Rodrigo and BTS cite him as an influence.

“When I was a kid, my generation didn’t take to my parents’ music. They liked classical but also Sinatra and probably Perry Como and those kinds of singers. We kind of left them in the past and moved on to the new stuff, the Elvis generation and the Beatles generation and disco and the ’80s,” he explained. “We weren’t a back-looking generation and there are a lot of younger people now looking backward and they like their parents’ music, which is a strange phenomenon. I look out [in the crowd] and see so many young people. I’m grateful for it, especially because they make more noise. It’s a great mix.”

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Meanwhile, Joel was asked about his 1978 hit “Zanzibar” finding new life as a TikTok dance challenge, and he admitted he was as puzzled about the phenomenon as everyone else.

“Yeah, what the hell was that about?” Joel quipped.